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Choosing a braid style is incredibly personal, just like picking any other natural hairstyle. However, before committing to a certain appearance, there are a few general considerations to bear in mind. Braids are incredibly useful, but certain types last longer than others. Consider how and when you will wear them.  Let our skilled Braid Specialist help you choose the style that best suits you and your lifestyle.

Take into account whether your braids will become wet. Choose braids that will firmly conceal your natural hair if you plan to braid with extension hair and go in and out of a pool or the ocean. Each braid you make pushes out the curl in your natural hair. Therefore, especially if you have textured hair, once the braids are wet, your natural texture will return to the design. Going down the braid, it will appear frizzy or fuzzy on top. A style that rests close to your scalp, like cornrows, is where this most frequently occurs.

If you exercise, the same things need to be kept in mind. While certain designs of braids can cause your natural hair to frizz up once your body temperature rises, braids are great for keeping your natural hair in place when working up a sweat. Consider a thicker braid like a crown braid or a giant ponytail braid if you don’t want to gain too much weight while exercising. Contrary to what you may think, the heavier your overall style is, the tinier and denser your braids must be to avoid looking bulky.

Everyone’s hair is unique and we are ready for you.  Here is a list of some popular braids.

Box Braids, French Braid, Braid on Braid, Cornrows, Crown Braid, Cornrow Pony, Microbraids. Some styles in for 2023 are long knotless braids using human hair extensions, Textured and decorated butterfly locs, Feed-in braids adorned with accessories, Chic box braid bob. Ornate braided updos, Elegant half-braided hairstyles.