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Curly Hair

Curls, Curls, Curls everywhere

At Nuance Salon we love curls.  Our stylists have curls at every degree.  We have wavy hair, loose curls, tight curls, and extremely tight curls.

 We can guide you to embrace your natural texture. This allows our clients to save styling time by working with your waves for a gorgeous care free, lived in look.

Curly hair requires a completely different cut and care regimen than non-textured hair because it differs greatly from other hair types. For types of wavy and curly hair, it’s important to pay attention to the way layers are cut, the angle of the shears, specialist techniques, and where curls are trimmed.

It can seem as though our curly hair has a personality on its own. We can have beautiful, bouncy curls one day and a shapeless tangle of frizz and fly aways the next. What gives, then? The first rule of curl club, according to Marilisa Sears, a celebrity hairstylist and artistic director at Marc Anthony, is that style and conditions change frequently. What functions well today could not function well tomorrow or ever. This is because curly hair is complex and requires particular care. There are some rules to abide by in order to make the most of your curls.

Curl management can be challenging for a variety of reasons but with our talented, curly hair stylists can help. Whether it’s knots, excessive volume, extreme dryness, or just big frizz from the humidity, curly hair issues can make you feel so confused.  Do you need a heavy curl cream or a light curl spritz? Let our specialists guide you with the right hair style, styling techniques and the rights products..


Perm $95-$120

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