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HairTalk Extensions

Beautiful & Natural

Hair Talk Hair Extensions are a highly innovative hair extension line that provides a beautiful and natural look without damage to your hair or hours of your time spent in the chair. Hair Talk offers a multitude of color combinations including highlights, lowlights, ombre, fashion colors and more.

This new method uses 100% human hair and does not involve glue, beads, bonding, braiding or weaving. These hair extensions are easily removed with Hair Talk solution and leave the hair with very minimal to no damage or breakage.

Hair Talk Extensions are the most comfortable, natural and seamless extensions on the market. There is no matting, knotting, or tangling when taken care of properly and they are affordable!

Nuance Salon stylists are certified experts in Hair Talk Hair Extensions and will consult with you on the most appropriate style, color and length for your hair. Prices are based upon consultation and depend on length, color and density desired.

Maintenance is REQUIRED every 1 ½ – 2 months to preserve the integrity of your natural as well as extension hair. Re-application includes removing, re-taping, cleaning and re-applying extensions, this service does come with a complimentary desired style!


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