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Development Coach


Justin Mossman

I was born in 1985 in Middletown, New York to two entrepreneurial parents in the hair industry. So, you could say that the spirit of the hair industry courses through my veins. From a young age, I’ve always known I wanted to help people grow into the best version of themselves. That, combined with my passion for problem solving within the complexities of a business, I guess it was only natural that I fell into a managerial role at the young age of 24. After graduating from Centennial High School and moving towards a business degree at Georgia Perimeter College, the opportunity to become a partial owner of Nuance Salon arose in 2009 and I couldn’t resist this unique prospect of learning and growing a business from the ground up! Along with the opportunity to follow my passion of business and growing people, the science behind product knowledge, as well as customer service and marketing aspects of my business have quickly become deeper facets of my growing fervor in this industry and also in life.

Managing a salon carries a multitude of responsibilities and I am proud to manage and continue to help develop the unique culture of Nuance Salon. I am committed to continue my own education so that I can keep growing and challenging my Nuance family to be their best for our loyal friends and clients.