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Sonia: Client Relations Expert

Sonia & Raffaele

We are extremely happy to be working with Jennifer Kennington and the entire team of Nuance Salon professionals in Roswell. This salon’s cutting edge concepts are a major part of it’s environment. Nuance allows for a synergy of greater creativity which enhances the satisfaction of each client we serve. Sonia and Raffaele are a dynamic duo; expect a wonderful experience, receive a professional consultation before fulfilling all of your hair care needs.

Sonia has an uncanny ability to understand and communicate with each individual client about their present hair challenges. Sonia is fun, extremely friendly, personable and attentive. Many clients have become her personal friend and confidant.

Raffaele is an International Master Hair Designer, originally from Florence Italy. Early on in his life Raff was a precocious talent with a natural ability in the Art of Hair Design. He has been a pioneer in the use of saran-wrap for all types of highlighting and color correction. Raffaele respects the integrity of your hair; he also specializes in the reconstruction of damaged hair caused by various chemical abuses. Raffaele’s method of hair cutting is known as Holometrix; the accuracy of this technique makes ‘Bad Hair Days’ become a memory of the past.

Please call for your complimentary consultation; we look forward to taking care of all of your hair care needs, see you soon!