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Natural Hair

Silk Press

The key distinction between a silk press and a flat iron is that the former uses various instruments, including a flat iron and comb, to straighten the hair for a smoother, silkier finish. A flat iron is a heat styling equipment used to straighten hair. If you are seeking a quick, chemical-free way to straighten your hair then silk pressing is for you. Silk pressing does not use harsh chemicals with a long-term commitment. Women frequently inquire about the silk press time frame. A silk press, typically lasts two weeks.

In some cases, if the hair has not been exposed to water it can stay considerably longer. Moisture includes such things as perspiration, humidity, or water. Your hair will start to curl again if it comes into touch with any of these sources of moisture.

If you want to stretch your time with a silk press follow these
simple tips:

If necessary, perform minor touch-ups on your silk press.this salon service is the perfect method to give curly and natural hair the advantages of a straightened, relaxed look.


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